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Friday, January 18, 2013Y
~*so cute tat u jus wanna faint*~

how can hello kitty be so CUTE!!!!! the moment i saw the new release of hello kitty swarovski's crystals i nearly wanna jus faint! it's jus so pretty especially the lady bug one!!!!
*hello kitty blue bow*
*hello kitty lady bug*
not only are the crystal figurines so super duper cute but the charms are really so nice too. now i really wish tat baby is going to be a girl so i can buy all these charms for her to wear next time. hahaha. for my eyes and for her to wear. wat a good mummy rite?
*lady bug*
*lucky charm*
*yet another lady bug*
if you think tat you are already grapsing for breathe after seeing so many cute hello kitties. wait till u see the new release of Kris Bears for 2013. i really think i need to have another job tat i can earn $5k monthly. or should i jus apply for a part time job at swarvoski and hoping that they will give me a few percent discounts on the figurines that i wanna get. OMG. jus when i thought swarovski won't be releasing anything cute for the Kris Bears and there they go again...
*20th Anniversary, Limited Edition 2013*
*playful butterflies*
*my heart is yours*

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