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Friday, February 15, 2013Y
~*happy valentine's day 2013*~

this is going to be one of the most memorable v-day of my life cause after this year, i guess we will have to book a table for 3 for valentine's day instead of 2. jus when i thought i won't be getting flowers this year and poof came the delivery man holding a nice bunch of flowers for me from my beloved hubby. the scent of the flowers still allures around the office as i type. how i love the smell of fresh flowers :)

hubby was nice enough to prebook Savy's (bandar) for our v-day dinner. Savy's has always been my favourite western dining place as compared to Senja. i know it's kinda hard to find parking there but then the food there is definitely better than the food in Savy's mabohai too.

we were one of the first kiasu couples to arrive cause we were both famished. so before the we order our dinner, we manage to grab hold of one of the staffs before they get too busy to help us take a pic of their v-day deco.
as usual they will hav set menus all ready for us to order, which is great of course so i don hav to think of wat to eat except for the main course. but how hard for a preg lady to choose rite? no beef, no lamb, and wat's left is the choice.

*assorted freshly baked bread with dip*
*crispy fried New Zealand oysters with green tomato in tartar sauce*

*provencal fish soup with prawn and bouillabaisse relish*

*mine: crispy oven braised duck with russet potato cake, wilted spinach in prune au jus*

*his: stone grilled lamb chops in pomegranade and pistachio relish*

*chocolate cherry heary short cake*

*enjoying the dessert*

*their suprise gift for us*

*wishing everyone a happy valentine's day*

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