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Monday, February 04, 2013Y
~*it's gone and now it's back again*~

I think restaurants are making a second comeback to the market in Brunei. First it was Swensen and now it's Kenny Rogers roasters. Not sure whether do you remember the first time Swensen opened its doors it was in the Gadong hua Ho near centerpoint but due to lack of businesses there it was closed down and after a few years its opened again now currently located at the mall. I guess the business now is alot better than the first time it was opened. Now the second restaurant which follows Swensen's footstep is Kenny Rogers. It was once opened in kiulap. If not mistaken it was located in the present AV shop.
now Kenny Rogers reopened again in Giant, Rimba. honestly i couldn't remember how the deco was more than a decade ago but the newly revamped KR is quite spacious. The menu looks great too. i've been craving for roasted chicken for quite sometime and usually nowadays i'll opt for ideal cause there aren't much roasted chicken choices around. but i hav to comment that the KR roasted chicken is alot juicer and nicer than tat of ideal. so KR roasted chicken is my first choice now. and the best thing is that they serve it with healty side dishes too.

*my order*

*the famous muffins available in vanilla, chocolate raisins and banana flavored*

*mac and cheese: abit too cheezy not to my liking*

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