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Monday, March 18, 2013Y
~*A surprised baby shower for me!*~

I thought it was jus yet another normal Sunday afternoon routine of washing hair then having lunch then back to home to hav my afternoon nap. Then I really got the surprised of my life. Honestly nvr in my life I've had such big surprise before. Most girls would answer tat their biggest surprise would be their proposal. But mine is definitely this one. The moment the gates opened I saw familiar looking cars parking at the compound of our house, i was really shocked. then i turned and saw pink balloons hanging on the entrance, it was then expected it to be a gathering for baby shower. but when i opened the door the decorations really gave me a shock!! i was greeted with a bunch of my close frens! i didn't know how to react. i really almost teared. it was so nicely decorated. i thought david tutera jus came to the house and decorated the house!

*look! such cute DIY banner*

*even the ceiling was decorated*

*house was super clean all thanks to Ben*

*hello kitty!!!*

*my personalized water bottle. definitely beats tupperware :p*

*adorable pink cupcakes...please look closely at the pearly chains and pink ribbons on the table. superb combination. and not to forget eve's mum's nice cupcake holder.*

*my babes...the girls doing all these preparations! thanks to michelle, eve, steph and karen for the effort. truly love it*

*ballons to hide my baby bump*

*zoe nvr seems to like the camera*

the girls also organized two baby shower games: one which was guessing the price of the baby necessities like wet wipes, diapers, baby oil, drapolene, etc. and the next one was the fastest sucker to suck all the milk from the tiny hole in the baby bottle.
The Winner of Game 1: Guessing the Price - i really didn't expect my hb to win this game. the price he guessed was $37.50 and the total price of the items were $36.90! for someone who nvr bought any baby necessities before. I was expecting those guys with kids to win this game. oh well  i guess i underestimated my hb.
 The Winner of Game 2: Fastest Person to finish drinking the milk from the baby bottle.
*man vs food: baby edition with adam richman missing*
*joey, the biggest SUCKER!*

now for the cleaning time. i guess cleaning the place is as hard as decorating it. poor girls have to help clean the mess before they leave. i must have done alot of good deeds last life to have frens like them *loves*
*michelle and eve busy packing, steph who's not in the pic was busy washing the plates and baby bottles*

*the guys doing the hard work*

such an eventful sunday and a memorable one. our little baby gal is so lucky to hav great aunties and uncles and of course GREAT PARENTS too :p really donno how to thank my girls for wat they have done for me. i'm all set to be arranging a bridal shower for any of them...so girls please hurry up!! and of course not to forget my beloved hubby which made all these possible. without him there won't even be a baby to even hav a baby shower :p

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