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Tuesday, April 16, 2013Y
~*my pregnancy journey*~

28th August 2012
sounds so dramatic...well we have been hoping for a bb for nearly a year...this is actually a delayed post which i've written on the day which i found out tat i was preg which was a day after we came back from Dubai (27th August 2012). Chinese always have this superstitious thingy that we should not disclose the bb news to too many people unless we have passed our trimester.
actually i wanted to test it when i was in Dubai but hb said since my period always get so f*cked up so i might be jus too stress which result in the delay. well at least he's right cause if i would hav tested it in Dubai i wouldn't enjoy the dune-bashing as much or even forbidden to even go through the adventure. And i hav a long list of 'do not eat' foods which includes my favourite seafoods...
now my next surprise will be whether will my child be a girl or boy? i honestly prefer to hav a baby girl so that i can doll her up and bring her to saloons and shopping but then my hb being my hb, a typical chinese man prefers baby boy IF i were to give birth to just one child. so quite a dilemma here. now the next debating question between me and my hb...one child or two children? i am always a supporter of one-child policy. i really don like to undergo the process of giving birth twice and the whole 9 months of 'diet'. plus i can have all the attention i wan on the child and making sure he/she will be well looked after and no favoritism. why do i wan to split my expenses into two when i can fully spend everything on one child. i would rather buy 1 piece of burberry kids clothing than 2 pieces of GAP or watever other brands for my child. i admit this will definitely spoil my kid but i really wan jus the best and wat i can afford for my child.

30th September 2012
the morning sickness is killing me...i feel so nauseatic and the urge of vomiting comes almost twice every hour. while i was tonging my hair in the morning, i jus had the urge to vomit and luckily the toilet was jus less than 10 steps from me, i dashed into the toilet and puked water!! hav been feeling so sleepy after every main meal i take. i can even sleep at 8pm but i tolerate till 10pm as i know if i sleep too early, i'll end up being awake in the middle of the nite!
8th September 2012
well this was one of the most frustrating days. i called JPMC to confirm my book for Dr Azlina for my appointment on 11th September and the next message i got from them ...' sorrie, Dr Azlina is no longer working for JPMC'.i was like 'wtf'! how can u only tell me now. the whole family was all so eager to know the status of the bb and was looking forward to the ultrasound scan on 11th September and then now they told me that the dr that i was supposed to see is not longer there?! UNACCEPTABLE! after blasting them, they scheduled me to see another Dr Sangeeta who is the HOD and scheduled my appointment on 14th September instead.
my hb who is extremely anticipating to see the condition of the bb decided we should jus randomly go to any dr and do an ultrasound scan first before the first checkup at JPMC and thus we ended up in Dr Prema Clinic.
Initially, the dr told us that if the bb is too small we won't be able to see clearly but fortunately we were able to see the tiny bb which is the size of an edamame. our child was only about 7 weeks old. well we were both really happy to be able to see the healthy bb in my tummy.

14th September 2012
went to have my 2nd ultrasound scan at JPMC today. initially i was in doubt whether to do it or not cause i've jus done it a week ago. but hb suggests that it's good to at least seek another dr's advice. 

19th September 2012
i know this is random but i found out that the famous blogger, Xiaxue is expected a baby as well. so happy for her and happy for myself too cause at least i know i can get loads of tips from her regarding pregnancy.

1st October 2012
i stopped having the blackmore's vitamins today cause i felt tat after taking it, i tend to hav the tendency to puke. i'm not sure issit cause of the hormonal change or what but gonna stop it for the time being and monitor first.

3rd October 2012
i think bb is now 11 weeks old. i really wish i hav an ultrasound machine with me so i can see the condition of the little resident in my tummy. i really donno how is my bb doing whether is he/she comfy in the environment. u know how i always loved hot showers, i dare not even shower in hot showers now cause i'm afraid tat the bb inside will be too hot. i guess i'm jus too paranoid. anticipating my next checkup on 16th october.

7th October 2012
jus when i thought i was going to enjoy my relaxing sunday, but i woke up with sore muscles around my neck which then lead to a major migraine which makes me really sick whole day. i can't even use Salonpas or any medicated plaster to ease the pain and i had to tolerate it. panadols was of course a big no no for me cause i'm afraid that it will harm the bb. i thought after a short nap will help the situation better but unfortunately it stayed the same (suddenly remembered the 'Stay the same song from Joey McIntyre *random*). so i didn't hav much appetite to eat nor go out. jus slept my whole sunday away.

8th October 2012
woke up and glad that the stiffness in the neck is gone. and definitely looking forward to the 12 weeks of pregnancy as i'll be entering the 2nd trimester.

16th October 2013
Here I am at Jpmc waiting for my first official trimester checkup. Honestly besides the cleanliness tat Jpmc could offer there r practically not a great hospital. I had to wait for the dr for 40 minutes! Does it mean a dr's time is more precious than ours?! Had to hold my temper cause I know I had to tolerate this for the next few months to come.

8th November 2012
Had the first leg cramp on my left calf in the middle of the nite. The pain was so pain tat I woke up instantaneously when the cramp kicked in. The first thing tat came to my mind wasn't how to cure the cramp. It was how am I going to deliver my bb with my low level of pain tolerance. *aiks*

18th November 2012
i finally felt the slight kick in the tummy. it's such a wondrous feeling. at first i thought it was jus my digestive system working but after careful concentration. yes i really need to concentrate like no breathing for a while so i can actually concentrate and felt it's really like kicks. i guess my motherly instinct kicks in too. *awww* i really can't wait to see the bb.

28th November 2012
i was so anticipate for this anomaly check cause it was said that i was able to determine the gender of my baby. feeling all excited but the nurse said tat the gender could not be determined cause bb's legs were crossed and it's hard to see. OMG. i knew this would happen. cause bb jus love to make me all curious. i really don mind any gender whether issit girl or boy but my hb being like a china man prefers boy. so baby if you are reading this next time please know tat ur dad loves boy. it's ur mum who is fair.

8th December 2012
finally i can't stand the anticipation...we decided to seek second opinion and go look for Dr Diing in Yayasan to check the gender. the moment i sat down and he had a look at the ultrasound he said...A GIRL! i was so happy and in my mind i was thinking wat cute dresses to buy for my beloved daughter and TUTUs!!!! and the dr made the confirmation twice that my bb is a bb girl.

2nd January 2013
Went for my routine checkup today. Everything seems okie for the bb not until the dr told me tat there's a water cease in bb head! But she told me its 'normal' and it will fade over time. It really worried me but there's nothing I can do now but jus to wish and pray tat my bb is healthy.
The reason why I can still remain 'calm' is cause I went for another ultrasound at dr diing but he didnt mention anything about the cease so I'm assuming the cease might hav faded over the two weeks lapse between the two ultrasounds. Anyways I still need to wait for the 30th week before I can do anything ultrasound to confirm this.

5th January 2013
Today I received the two greatest news from both my frens Suki and Marilyn. They both gave birth to two adorable baby girls the same day today. Baby jewel and baby Abby. Such cute names. I'm really anticipating the arrival of my bb girl too. Actually I'm in a state of confusion whether or not should I go for natural birth or Caesarian instead. Been reading quite alot lately about the pros and cons of each of these. I know traditionally people will prefer natural birth but knowing the level of my pain tolerance I really don think I can survive through this excruciating pain of labor. Indeed the natural Way heals faster but I'm still quite not convinced about it. Well we shall see Wat I'll finally decide later on.

28th January 2013
today is nick carter's birthday i know this date if of no significance but then today is the 'shittest' day of my life...i had the worst constipation of all time. was in the office then i had the urge to do my 'business' and then ended up having the worst feeling. i felt like i was going to deliver a baby. i can't even sit cause the sh*t was sort of stuck half way and i jus can't sit and i felt so uncomfortable. so i hav to call my hb to come pick me up and go home so i could rest. spent nearly an hour in the toilet doing big big business. and finally it's all done. i told my hb tat i really donno how i'm going to deliver baby naturally if i didn't opt for caesarian. anyways i think will hav to discuss this further with the dr during my later stage.

1st February 2013
Went for the glucose tolerance test today and had to fast the previous nite. Arrived there at 8.15 and did my first blood test then was served with a cup of water containing 75g of glucose. It's so sweet! And the undissolved glucose makes it so hard to drink. Then while waiting we went for the routine monthly checkup and found out a not so pleasant news. The dr tat I'm seeing will be leaving today and it's her last day! And the only dr left in Jpmc will be having her maternity leave in march! So the questions don problem here will be who is going to deliver my bb?!! We met the pr guy and told him our problems and hopefully he will be able to give us a good answer tomorrow.

2nd February 2013
Called the pr guy but wasn't reachable so most probably will try again on Monday. The good news Is my results for the glucose tolerance test was okie. So meaning my pancreas manage to secrete enough insulin to dissolve the super sweet sugar!!

3rd February 2013
Attended the first prenatal class today. Had to arrive there at 8 am for the two hour lecture. It wasn't as boring as I expected. We learnt about Wat r the changes during pregnancy and Wat r the nutritions we should take in hav a healthy bb. I know I'm kinda late to be taking tat course but at least better late than never.

4th February 2013
Got the first bad news of the week. The doc won't be able deliver me in Jpmc as Jpmc is confirmed to be short of staff and hence I had to be transferred to ripas hospital to deliver.

5th February 2013
As if I didnt had enough bad news. I received another worst one. Bmobile was issued a petition by Telbru. OMG. so wat this means? am i going to be jobless for before my delivery?!

21st February 2013
Went to rimba clinic for checkup. Seriously the only advantage tat i can see checking up in rimba clinic is tat it's FOC and the parking is easy other than that it's jus TERRIBLE. i think only about 2% of the nurses are friendly. the rest are just with no patience. i even had to do my urine test myself! the toilets in the clinic are just mad dirty. there are no toilet papers and the cleanliness of the toilets are jus HORRIBLE. okies it's FREE. accept it. still praying that there will be a doctor in Jpmc.
22nd February 2013
Yay. The petition was withdrawn. so everything is back to normal. everyone is happy and so am i. well at least i will get paid during maternity :)

23rd February 2013
Had the worst backache and leg pain of all time.

9th March 2013
Suddenly I felt so nervous about bb coming to our family. I guess it's cause I've been on my own or should I say I don there's no one who will depend on me for the past 28 years of my life then suddenly in less than two months time, there will be a little human to whom I will hav to take care and shelter her from everything. Kinda stressed too.

3rd April 2013
Happiest news I've heard for the whole pregnancy! Jpmc has doc! so u know wat does tat mean? it means that i don hav to tolerate all those DIYs in the rimba clinic as well as those so-very-polite nurses there. one example of their very 'polite' attitude. the midwife told me that she wanted to listen to my bb's heartbeat and so i walked to the bed and lay down. i was already 34 weeks then and climbing up the bed is not an easy task. then the next thing u know she told me 'to draw the curtain'. but tat midwife was still sitting there on her table. she could hav just draw the curtain while she's walking to check my bb rite? so 'caring' of them. then when i told the doc that my feet are swollen. her only one response. took a glimpse and 'oh normal tu'. tat's it. so irritating.

5th April 2013
YES!!! i'm finally back in JPMC. OMG. i really wanted to kiss the JPMC floor!!!! so happy to be back. to be greeted with friendly nurses and midwives. the toilet is sparkling clean and with toilet papers! i do no hav to DIY like taking my own urine test and weighing my own weight! so happy. then when i had to do check up on the bed. the nurse carefully helped me onto the bed and when i had to get off the bed. she helped me up and lowered the bed nicely for me. and when i told the doc that my feet was swollen. she carefully examined it nicely. felt so loved. yes i know rimba clinic is free but is it a valid reason for poor service? they hav to improve definitely.
13th April 2013
went for my checkup and doc told me that the fluid in my tummy is abit low and suggest that I should do a thorough check with the radiologist on the 15/04. so I scheduled with her and hopefully everything is fine.

15th April 2013
yay. today is the start of my maternity leave. I thought I will hav time to enjoy 2 weeks before my baby is out. BUT! after I went for my checkup, the radiologist gave a report to the gynae and she told me that I have to deliver the baby TOMORROW!! yes tomorrow! cause the fluid inside is jus too low and I have to undergo caesarean instead of natural birth! during the first trimester, I always wanted caesarean but a lot of people were telling me that healing is faster with natural and it's better too. so I already told myself and was prepared to enter the warzone without any epidural or wat so ever. but then now all the plans changed and I am going to deliver the baby by caesarean. so my first thing I did after JPMC was to go to the salon to get my hair wash cause i will need to be in confinement for 30 days! then went to kaizen for my 'final' dinner before I am put on the operation table. *aiks* went home to hurrily pack everything cause I wasn't even prepared to deliver the baby so soon!!!
16th April 2013
THIS IS IT! the day has come. i was supposed to be given partial anaesthesia but I opt for general anaesthesia cause i'm jus too scared to even feel any pulls from the operation. So here it goes. honestly i'm so so so scared tat I can scream any minute now. it's 7.00am in the morning in the JPMC room 2. HERE IT GOES!!! baby...mummy loves u...

muahz & hugz
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