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Friday, August 16, 2013Y
~*Baby Chlowe*~

this little gem came into our lives on 16th April 2013. We decided to name her Chlowe with the 'W' inserted in the normal Chloe. It definitely has a significant meaning...CHee huie LOves WEinnie thus CHLOWE. well many people hav asked whether will I name my second child WELOCH (WEinnie LOves CHee huie). the answer is definitely NO cause I will only want to stick with my one child policy. I wan to give her all the attention and the best of anything tat we can afford plus again I don wan to go through the excruciating pain again. Well, I did enjoy my pregnancy but the stiff neck, unable to bend my fingers (even typing on the iphone is quite a task for me towards the end of my pregnancy as even movement I make on my finger it hurts!) and water retention in my feet.
anyways, enough of ranting about the pregnancy process cause i'm sure all mothers have gone through this and will be complaining that their pregnancy process is 10 times worst than mine.
Anyways, this post is to document my delivery process jus in case 10 years down the line, i'll forget about it and IF chlowe is being naughty I will jus have to ask her to read this post rather than having to type long paragraphs or emails to send to her each time she made me angry. but i'm sure my little baby is an angel. hehe.
we woke up around 4am in the morning of 16th April, honestly I don even think I slept. I was jus so scared to be under the knives! jus wasn't prepared. did our final packing and left the house.it was pitch dark and walking to the entrance of JPMC was jus scary but I had to hold onto my smile cause I jus don wan anyone to be worried about it. arrived at JPMC and checked in around 5.30am then changed into my hospital gown.
*the last picture of me before i get chlowe out of my tummy*
the nurse let me wore stockings so to help in blood circulation cause I will be bed ridden for at least a day. *scary* I was honestly shaking inside already. then she injected me with needles in preparation for the drips and gave me some medi to help prevent me from feeling nauseatic from the water I drank at 4am. apparently, i'm not supposed to drink anything starting at 12am. laying on the bed, while trying to get some sleep before the operation and still deciding whether to do partial anaesthetic or full instead. so I let my mum decide for me cause no one knows me better than my mum. she knows i'm a damn scardy cat. I really don think I can tolerate the pain or listen to the sounds of knifes cutting on my tummy! at around 7am, went to the toilet for the last time and on the operation bed before being pushed to the operation theatre! my dad dare not even take a glimpse of me. I can tell he was so worried too. wild thoughts had been running in my mind like running away from the hospital and not delivering the baby cause I am seriously really really scared. *OMG* i'm so scared that I jus wan to SHOUT and CRY. I was being a drama queen emotionally but luckily I was still able to remain cool.
got pushed from the room to the operating theatre, the path seems so long. all I can see are rows of lights and it seemed like the journey is like never ending! finally arrived in a room where nurses and the anesthecian were there to make sure I am aware of wat is going to happen in the operating theatre. Had to sign some papers and off I go into the OT. My hubby went to the other room to get changed while my parents waited outside. it's 8am and it's now or never. I was transferred to the operating table and I will always remember the bright lights tat was shone on me. then the anesthecian  passed some drip to me and let me breath something which I hav no idea wat it is and the next thing I know, he counted to 10 and all I could hear was till 4 and I was knocked out.
then I heard people calling 'Weinnie Weinnie, can u hear us?' the voices keep repeating. I responded but I was jus too blur. I remember seeing my hubby on my left and the first question I asked was 'r there any birth marks on my baby's face?' then the next thing I know I was pushed back to the room and doc gave me a button which I could press when I feel the pain and it will release morphine into my drip. i don even know how many times I've actually pressed tat button cause it's so painful. i thought my tummy wound is still opened cause it's f*cking pain and i wanted to pee and only to find out that i can jus pee like that cause they actually inserted a catheter (it hurts when the nurses removed it from me a couple of days later!) into me so i can jus pee on the bed cause i hav to be bedridden till the next day.
i could hear my baby crying so loudly on the other end of the room but i jus hav no strength to even open my eyes to see. i only see her face a couple of hours later cause she was hungry and i need to breast feed her. i was actually quite weak at tat time and didn't know wat happened and all i knew is that she was sucking and it was very painful. though not as painful as wat my tummy felt.

she's simply adorable that i couldn't believe i actually gave birth to a baby. it felt tat i jus went for an operation and then there was a baby who came out of nowhere. i couldn't believe the fact that i am a mother now too. the thought is jus so weird.
the 5 days and 4 nites in the hospital felt like 5 years there. i had to breast feed her almost every two hours and it's f*cking pain cause she was not latching well and i had to force myself to get up to feed her which makes my tummy hurts to badly. both my hubby and mummy stayed over nite to take care of me. i became so grouchy due to the lack of sleep cause bb is jus too demanding. she keeps wanting for milk and i hav to keep waking up and her cries are so LOUD. lucky for us we were the only family in the whole baby ward. i was so happy that Saturday came so fast and we were all ready to bring our little angel home. I've watched a lot of episodes of bringing home baby on 733 and finally it's my chance to bring home my baby!! finally i'm home. nvr felt happier to be home sweet home. now my next challenge is to climb up to my room which is on the 3rd floor! luckily my hubby came up with the idea of using his law books to make the steps easier for me to climb up cause i am not able to climb up the stairs with my wound after c-sec.
so for the next 30 days i will hav to be confined in my room and there will be more stories about my confinement soon.

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