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Wednesday, August 14, 2013Y
~*i'm back*~

I know I've been on hiatus for quite sometime. Well, I've got the biggest valid reason in the world for the hiatus... Baby! Yes. My baby chlowe tan has finally came into the world. And she's nearly 4 months old. I've been so busy with her and other things tat I've left this blog unattended. Feeling guilty tat I'm paying a yearly domain and not utilizing it so I've decided to get my lazy fingers to document the life journey of us and our precious queen. I've got so much tat I wan to type but I guess I will just update with the latest one first and will update the older ones later in time.
I think the first headache of bringing baby aboard is packing her luggage cause I really donno how to estimate how much clothings she will need to wear and how many diapers she will need to use. so basically I think I packed almost 70% of ur wardrobe, plus her favourite singing penguin. and her dad bought a whole packet of huggies to spore jus in case his dear daughter 'lao sai' like 10 times a day!

8th August 2013, chlowe's first trip abroad... Singapore. It was really a challenge for both me and my hb. as you can see we have so many things to carry, my extra 4 bottles of milk jus in case i do not hav time to pump or she drinks too much.
*all prep up for the adventure*
Tat soft toy bee is the only toy we brought cause my dear daughter only loves to eat her handkerchief so the bee is just for some entertainment is all else fails. we managed to arrive airport on time. she was in her best mood ever. the first thing tat worries me the most will be the 1hr and 45 mins flight. i'm so scared tat she will cry all the way from brunei to spore. fortunately she was such an angel on the plane. I fed her before the plane depart and then she slept for a while then changed her diapers then she slept again and before u knew it, we hav arrived in SINGAPORE! wow. an achievement for my baby *hugs her tightly* even some of the passengers praised her for her behaviour. upon arriving we hit to one of my favourite restaurants...THE SOUP RESTAURANT for lunch and tat's where chlowe can hav her lunch too.
After tat we went to check into Hilton Hotel before we start our shopping spree. There are a couple of new restaurants which we managed to try during this trip which are really nice and I will definitely go back again.

I've always been hunting for the best tonkatsu cause in Brunei I don even think their katsu are nice. it's so dry and oily in brunei and I definitely will nvr order and katsus in brunei. this tonkichi which is located in Ngee Ann Building is superb. I really love the tenderness of the pork, it's so juicy and nice. Jus dip it with the sesame and katsu sauce. mmmmmmmm....yummy. I didn't get to take a picture of the sauce cause it was jus too yummilicious and no time for pictures.


2) Laduree
honestly I still think this is an over-hype macaron with an overprice pricetag. no doubt I like the salted caramel and the vanilla but the others like pistachio and mixed berry are jus meh-ish. didn't give me the wow factor. unlike the royal pudding which is jus so YUMMY.
3) Wild Honey
a restaurant which I always wanted to try but I didn't cause of the queue! the waiting time is jus so long that I can't be bothered to spend my time waiting. I would rather spend my time shopping instead. but since this time is the 'relax' shopping trip. we can still spare sometime to wait. definitely worth the wait. I really love their breakfast there.
my hubby ordered the parisienne and I got myself the European. their breakfast is jus simply delicious. unfortunately, my last bite of the pouch egg has got a small piece of egg shell in it. complained to the waitress and she gave us a chocolate cupcake for compensation.

4) Paris Baguette
it's a French inspired Korean café which is famous for their pastries and cakes. it's so jammed packed and the queue is jus so long but then it's all worth. Their royal pudding is jus so xinful! it's like melted crème brulee and really really delicious. I didn't know we can bring the empty bottle home. else I will definitely take it back. so cute bottle. how I wish I can tapau like 10 bottles of these back and have it now. their cakes are superb too. highly recommended to try it!

5) Menya Musashi Kodou
Menya Musashi at Ion Orchard is called the Kodou, meaning ‘tiger’s cave’, which comes in white (original), red (spicy), or black (fried garlic and onion) soup stock. the ramen are meh-ish, the soup base is actually quite salty even for a salty-lover like me.
*his black tiger*

*my white tiger*
Enough of those new eatery places which we tried. now to the highlight of the trip. Chlowe's first trip to baby spa. yes, u didn't read it wrongly, even baby has spa now. how lucky they are. i'm sure chlowe will definitely enjoy the spa cause bathing is her favourite pass time besides licking cloths. the lady undress chlowe and fit her with the swimming diapers then she put a float around her neck and carried her to the hydrotherapy tub. She let chlowe try the buoyance of the water then slowly let her be on her own in the tub. chlowe cried abit for like 10 seconds then later on she was kicking and enjoying herself. since she's a first timer, she's only allowed in the tub for 20 minutes.

*see how she is enjoying herself pouting her lips*

After tat, the lady helped chlowe to massage. she was definitely enjoying the treatment cause after we dressed her she was crying and wanted more massage. such a spoilt baby. hehe. wat to do rite? she's so adorable. how not to spoil her?
*wanted to get her these glasses but she refuse to wear it*
*had to tapau food from taka foodcourt so that baby can hav some rest and I can pump*
We let her try her first MRT trip as well. pretty good girl, no cries at all. *hugs her tight tight*

*with her uncle who is back for his yearly national service*
The only time she didn't behave well was during her dad's advance birthday celebration at New Majestic Hotel. She was screaming the whole dinner and only managed to sleep later on when her dad carried her.

*their birthday is jus a day apart*
She was behaving really well even during the night flight back to Brunei. Way to go Chlowe. Mummy and Daddy are both really proud of u. This sums up our first family trip. looking forward to more trips with chlowe.
*we will be back!*

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