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Tuesday, December 10, 2013Y
~*chlowe's first trip to hongkong: day 1*~

This is the second time for baby to travel and the destination this time is hongkong. This is a rather relaxing trip for both me and my hubby because my parents r coming together as well or should I say we r actually joining them to go hongkong. Decided to go for a short trip of 5 days 4 nites cause I don wan my baby to get too exhausted and I Donno how my queen will react to the change in weather. My frens who jus got back from hongkong few days ago told us tat the weather there is quite chilly so we packed our bags with thick clothings. I even brought the jacket which I wore to Korea few years back. But lucky for me tat I also brought a light jacket jus in case. 
This is baby being so happy at the airport with my mum. Yes we all are very kiasu when it comes to checking in. My dad makes sure we arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight. 
*the things we do while waiting. Bb pao face*

*happily boarded on the plane* 

Luckily my mum remember to bring this bunny. This is her entertainment for the whole flight. 
And of course not to forget being busy body too. 
This is my hubby and bb and he says tat he wanna look like cm punk! Watever...
Guess wat is the first thing I bought when I reached hongkong! My first stop was mannings to buy my pad! Fml! I haven't had my period for over 7 months and wat a day to hav it! Maybe airplane pressure. Haha. And yes back to the weather in hongkong! It's jus like aircon temperature which I quite cooling and not even cold! I Donno why everyone is saying it's cold! Those thick jackets r so space occupying and I'm glad I always hav a light jacket with me but my poor baby hav to wear thick clothings. 
Checked into The Mira, Hotel in tsim sa tsui. I think this is the best hotel I've stayed for the past ten years. Reason why? 
*not cause of the ambiance*
*look at the older generation now. Can't live without phones! Tsk tsk tsk*
*not because of the amelyst colored bar*
*or the see through bathroom*
It's cause of the free phone! They gave us a samsung note to bring around hongkong during our stay there. With free Internet connection which means I don even need to purchase another line to make local calls or use the google map. If u think tats great. Tats not all. They even allow us to make free calls overseas! Unfortunately Brunei is still not on their list but.u can't make free calls to Singapore, Malaysia and even to Australia. 
Baby is loving the hotel too. We had to hunt for food as it was already 4pm tat time and before we can start shopping we hav to start with a full tummy. 
My little birdie. I really love this hat of hers. 
Wat am I doing there? Feeling bb of course. I'm like in the middle of the harbor city shopping complex cause I can't find a feeding room. So hence I'm obstructing those visitors who wanted to take pictures with the Xmas tree. Who cares?! I need a sofa to feed okie! 
Got the Chanel flap bag in small size lamb skin. Was looking for it quite sometime. Wanted to get the medium on but it was jus too big for my tiny frame. My🎄present. I wonder when will my Xmas present come in an orange box :p 

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