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Tuesday, December 10, 2013Y
~*chlowe's first trip to hongkong: day 2*~

IToday's itinerary is to try out one of the best dim sum in hongkong which all bloggers have been raving about. Tim Ho wan. Our initial plan was to try outthe Australia dairy company which is located along parkes street, 47. They opened from 7am to 11pm. However, my dad had to meet up with my third uncle from Canada who was coincidentally here in hongkong too for vacation. 
It's uncle Tony's first time meeting baby chlowe too. When we reached the Australian dairy company there was a long massive queue so we gave up and went to other cafe instead. 
*us at park lane. Our hotel is jus opposite park lane*
Now for the highlight of the day...Tim ho wan. My fren helped me pre book the VIP room so tat we don't hav to queue. Reach sham Sui po on the dot and walked proudly passed the long beeline and went straight to the VIP upstairs. (In my mind I was visualizing a nice room with good and clean ambiance). The moment I open the door! Omg! Mosquitoes flew out from the room and I saw a chandelier hanging from a ceiling which was so dirty. I dare not focus anything 45 degrees from my eye level. The cutleries and plates were so dirty. I can see like dead mosquitoes on my plate and some black bits of 'I Donno wat'. I had to ask for a bowl of hot water to sterilize those plates before using it. Okies I know I should not judge the food base on the place. So I was still hav high expectation in the food. Cause I've been to places which r dirty but their food is damn good. 
The har kau is jus borderline pass. Not great!
Now this is the only thing which I will say the best of the best. The top is really nice and filled with char Siew. Basically it's like char Siew pau with crispy top. 
This is one of the dishes which we had to order in advance from the VIP menu. Some birdnest thingy which is not even tat yummy. Note: you hav to spend hkd1000 of u wan to book the VIP room. 
We ordered 18 of the birdnest egg tarts cause all of us hav high expectations tat this will be nice. Honestly I will still think a normal egg tart in lei garden taste so much better than this. Disappointing. I can't be bothered to even take pictures of the rest of the food. Overall rating 1/5. Not worth the taxi money or the queue. I forgot to even take a photo of the braised chicken feet. They didn't even bother to do pedicure for the chicken feet. Yucks. Disgusting. Epic fail. I Donno wat happened to their Michelin star. 
After the horrendous lunch we went to Times Square to shop. Hoping to see some performances in Times Square but there wasn't any famous singers performing there. I think the entertainment industry in hongkong is really dying. I won't even recognize most of the new singers in Hk now. Wat happened to the golden era 90s. Who doesn't know Aaron kwok, Andy lau, Leon Lai or jacky cheung? Now the new singers r like normal people. It seems like whoever can open their mouth and talk can sing and be a singer. I mean if they can't sing but at least hav to look good but the new singers now don even look cute! Disappointing. I think the music industry really needs a revamp and the high ranking personnel should see to it. If not canton pop will be gone forever. Every trip I go hongkong I'm hoping tat I can meet my idol Nicholas Tse but unfortunately didn't get to see him. 
My bb knows how to pose for selfies too. 
Who says mummies can't be posers? 
Things we do while waiting for our receipts at the Burberry store. 
My Burberry from my daddy. Jus love going holidays with my atm. 
Went back to tsim sa tsui side for dinner at the famous wanton noodle shop called Mak man kei which is located at 51, parkes street jordon. We jus had to queue a bit. The shop is so so small. We had to sit in a small corner and poor baby of mine barely hav space to sit cause we had to carry her on our laps and the size between the table and chairs r jus so small. Seriously this is not about discrimination but fat people better not go to tat shop. I barely can move after I was seated! 
We ordered two of their well known dishes. The wantan noodles soup and the 'nam Yu' pork leg noodles soup. I personally think it was jus mediocre. 
U can see how not al Dante the texture is. I thought it will be so springy. 
The shrimp wantan is not bad. Quite delicious. 
Now this pork leg seriously needs some waxing session. I dare not eat after seeing the hairs all on the skin of the pork leg. Ewww. So disgusted. 
After Mak man kei we decided to try our luck at the Australia dairy company. Hoping tat the queue is okie. Luckily we manage to get a seat. But the place is so noisy and crowded tat bb jus cried the moment we sat down. Guess she was frighten of the people yelling while taking orders. 
This is the egg custard with almond I think. I only had a scoop of it and it's heavenly smooth!
This is the steam milk custard which was supposed to be shared amongst us but it was jus so good tat I ate it all by myself. 
I know it's awkward to be having breakfast meal at 8pm but honestly i love breakfast! Any time of the day it's fine for me. The scrambled egg is the bomb!! I Donno how to describe it but it's so smooth and the taste is so nice. It's so addictive that I kept shoving spoons after spoons of scrambled eggs into my mouth. Too bad I didn't really hav time to taste the goodness of the egg lingering in my mouth as I had to rush back to the hotel with my crying bb. Unfortunately my hubby didn't get to eat the yummilicious scrambled egg. I'm really reminiscing the flavor of the egg now in my mouth. 5 stars from me. 

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