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Saturday, January 18, 2014Y
~*chlowe's first trip to hongkong: day 3*~

After gathering some foodie info from the taxi driver we decided to try a 'new' dimsum place which is called 'very good restaurant'.

I know the name sounds so boastful. When we arrived it feels like We've actually been to this place before! Yes! We actually did!
This is actually one of the dishes tat we ordered and I love it. Anyways tat was like nearly three years ago. We stopped by hongkong after my huawei training in Shenzhen. I wonder when r we going to have another training? Anyways. How did I manage to remember the place? 

By these of course. I remember the tons of Hk actors and actresses pics all posted near the entrance. This place tasted so much better than Tim ho wan. 

If you have watched the tvb series 'brotherhood' then u will know wat is the significance of this picture. 
Anyways today is baby shopping day. All about chlowe. Cause daddy complained tat I've been shopping so much for myself and nothing for chlowe. Oh well guess my position in my dad's heart had jus gone down one rank. Anyways nothing to compare about. Who will not love this cutie pie of mine? 

Our first stop is to isquare mall cause I found online tat it's the nearest 'baby r us' near us. With the help of the complimentary phone's gps we were able to look for the mall in a jiffy. No more stupid paper maps which make u look like typical tourists. :p

Found it. I Donno why the camera is so blur. But who cares. Snap snap. 

Look how happy my bb is in the stroller provided. Away we go shopping. There r quite a few new toys which I've never seen before. Dad bought her a new stroller which was pretty light weight and easy to use too. Unlike the free mothercare stroller which we got last time when we purchase the bed. Tat was horrendous. It's so heavy. But it did help us a lot during our spore trip. 
The good thing about traveling with a baby is tat you get to rest ur legs every 3 hours or so. We wanted to try the baby cafe which was in the same building. Thinking it will serve baby food or something 

Damn spoilt by her grandparents. Abit hungry like I've starved her for ten days. 

The ambiance of the baby cafe is so good. Definitely not a baby- baby cafe. Haha. Apparently it's a restaurant which was opened by one of the famous models in hongkong Angelababy. 

The real Angelababy

The mock Angelababy... Handelababy

Back to the restaurant. We were all too lazy to choose so we opt for the set meal which was jus hkd128. 

Our amuse bouche 

Homemade garlic butter and olive buns. Double thumbs up. 

Seafood chowder soup. Very smooth and milky. 
My hb chose the prawn salad instead of the soup. 

Now this is the bomb. Mint infused camomile tea with honey. Yummy. 

This is my parents' main course. Honey black pork chop. I tried it. Heavenly. The pork is so tender and juicy. One would expect the pork to be dry and hard. But this is juicy. Maybe cause they use black pig. Oink oink. 

Hubby wanted something light for lunch so he opt for the paper wrapped sole with green tea leaves and veggies. 

The fish is tender and not dry. Perfectly cook. Now for my dish. I love my mains.

It's called the Angela tasting platter which consist of spaghetti Napoleon, scrambled egg with truffles on bread and seated salmon fillet tartare. 
I super love the egg with truffles. The spaghetti is jus okie. Nothing to shout for. But the salmon is great. It's so perfectly done. 


Last but not least they even hav creme brûlée as dessert. 

One would hav wonder where is chlowe. She's was dozing off the whole time we were having our nice lunch. Such a charm. She only woke up when we paid our bills. 

After tat we went to visit our frens in Hk. Dior and her hubby Alex. They both run a toy business in hongkong. 

Look at the amount of toys they hav in the meeting room. This is jus one of the corners of the office which was filled with toys. 

Look at how happy my bb is. She like 'wow am I dreaming' 
Their office is situated near the famous fountain where most of the Hk series r filmed. 

More than 2 decades ago my mum was carrying me and we took a picture with this fountain too. Time sure flies. We should really cherish every moment in life. We should not jus follow wat we think people will like us to be. We live our life and we only live once. So better live it the way we wan it. 

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