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Sunday, December 22, 2013Y
~*diy Santa baby hat*~

I'm a very kiasu mother and I really wan my baby to hav a great first Xmas. But wat is a Xmas without a nice Xmas outfit and a Santa hat? I was already searching for a nice outfit for her when we were in Hong Kong but I jus couldn't find anything nice or suitable for my baby. Went to mothercare but the Santa clothings had too much fur around the trimmings which is not suitable for my baby as she tends to lick anything on her clothings and she might end up having a furball in her tummy at the end of the day after wearing tat. 
Luckily I managed to ask my fren eve about the whereabouts of getting a Xmas outfit and where else but 'wrap in a box'. Totally missed tat place out. I always remember tat place for selling high tea stuff but I forgot tat eve actually got me really cute clothings and shoes from there too during my baby shower. 
Oh ya. Back to the Santa hat first. Luckily I managed to find a couple of Santa hats in the cupboard which was given to us at the Xmas dinner in empire last year. So decided to DIY it to make it smaller. 
The original size. The quality is not bad actually. It's still okie even after the threads were removed. 
Look at my little red riding hood. After removing the threads I then remember. WE DIDNT HAV THREADS AND NEEDLES AT HOME!! FML. Panic attacked. Went to the house in front and wanted to borrow some threads and needles. But no one was home. Panic attacked again. Luckily hubby said since he's going out to kiarong to get baby's clothings he can stop by hokko to get my thread and needles. Hubby saved the day. Hence asked the maid to sew it for me as I hav nvr sewn anything before. Hehe. Yes it's DIY because I cut the threads. Maybe it's a AMDIY. ask maid to diy. Now the end product. 
My Santa baby!! Happy with the end results. 

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