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Sunday, December 01, 2013Y
~*missing my maid*~

I forgot when was the last time I actually blogged. Motherhood has really drained my energy and time. Okie I think it's jus me giving lame excuses for being lazy. But being a mother ain't easy. I really wish I can hav 30 hours instead of 24 whereby I don sleep 6 hours away. Pumping is really time consuming and I practically can't do anything or move about for 30 minutes. However, tats the best exercise as all my fats r being pumped out and passed onto my baby which means zero fats and I can regain my 25" waist back. Yippee. How happy can tat be? 
I'm now lying on the bed and waiting for the time to send my maid Robelen to the airport. I feel so heavy hearted. If I had a choice I would rather my hubby be away for a month on holiday and hav my maid here. It's been such a charm. She's so good with the queen tat without her I'm practically hopeless. She cooks well, cleans well and wat more do I need to ask for? She's going back for a month and I really wish December can jus fly by ASAP. I know December is a joyous month and I used to love December cause of all the holidays and festive season. However, December would mean me being maid less and cny to be near!!! Terribly hate cny. And I am making sure tat this year I won't be spending it in Brunei. I don even see wat is the significance of Chinese New Year. It's like a normal Sunday at home. Boredom. Chinese New Year should be banned. I think I'm jus in random mood now. I MISS MY MAID!! I can't imagine how will my queen react tomorrow when she can't find her auntie Robelen tomorrow. *no eyes see*
Okies my queen is awake. Can hear her dolphin sound even from 3 storeys. Signing off...

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