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Friday, January 10, 2014Y
~*the lost ME*~

What script are we supposed to follow in life? It seems like the we are all actors and actresses on the stage trying to make a play which can satisfy our 'audiences'. We only live one life. Do we really wanna go through all those unhappiness jus to please other people? I guess I'm going through this mid life crisis. Thinking tat i will be 30 in jus a couple of months time makes me feel tat I haven't achieved much my whole entire 30 years. My biggest achievement by far was giving birth to chlowe. And basically tats it. Jus very sick and tired of going through unhappy arguments over the same topic. A topic which is always be a start of an argument. How I wish I will hav a strength and courage just to take the initial step to stand up to the 'audiences' and shout 'I DON WANNA ACT NO MORE!'. I know there r jus so many things in life I will regret when I flip through my life chapter on my death bed on day. Should I or should I not make sure tat I will not hav any regrets. Or continue this way and die with regrets?? There's jus a long list of things tat I really wanna do and hav not yet done or can't be done. How I wish I could be given a year chance to do Watever I wan. Jus a year to find myself. Felt I've lost myself...

muahz & hugz
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