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Wednesday, January 15, 2014Y
~*worst festive season*~

IF i have to vote for the worst festive season then it would have to be CHINESE NEW YEAR. i terribly hate this time of year. I hated it way before i got married. As a child i hated it. i donno why some people love it so much. During my childhood days, i will hav to go back to Penang to celebrate it and it is so boring. The worst time of the year to visit penang, would be during CNY. It's extremely hot and humid. i felt like being roasted there. Had to wake up like 7ish in the morning get dressed and wait for relatives to come...BORING...relatives will be asking stupid questions again. forever the same. it's like it's templated. will talk more about the templated questions later in the post. Then have to go house visitings *BOO*. When i thought CNY would be better after i got married...WRONG THINKING. It's even worst! *yes hubby, if u r reading this. i don enjoy CNY!*

woke up dressed nicely and guess wat. ONLY one family of relative will come. no joke. 1! then we will have to wait for 2 session of lion dance to come and tat's it. first day of chinese new year. OMG. so basically it's like staying and home and wait for durian to drop *boredom to the max* (FYI, this is wat happened for the past two years. it's like de javu).

i always wanted something nicer for Chlowe and hope tat she can enjoy it. Won't wan her to go through wat i went through for CNY. *screams for help if this year is as boring as last two years i will CRY and pulls hair*

Questions that almost all 'relatives' will be asking this year
Q1) How old is your baby?
A: since u nvr attended my baby's full moon, i will excuse you for not knowing

Q2) when are you going to give birth to second one?
A: nope 1 is enough

Q3) but why only 1, must hav a son 
A: wat stupid era is this. any god-damn relative asking me to give birth to a son will sure to get a big bomb from me this year. Hate those old fashioned people. i support 1 child policy. it's my life, my uterus so those annoying relatives who wans a son can go f*ck off. 

*pissed mode and praying that CNY will zoom by ASAP*

muahz & hugz
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