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Friday, June 10, 2016Y
*i'm a proud parent today*

i donno is it jus me or are mothers the same? i was so excited for Chlowe's first school performance for over a week already. Everytime she came back, i asked her so what are u gonna perform during the sing-a-long? then she will jus say 'lalalala'. and then raise her hands up and raise her hands down. thats it?! nothing else? OMG.
finally the day has come..(as though it's my performance). but my hubby is even at a more kiasu mode than i am. once he left chlowe in her class, her waiting at the auditorium for her performance at 9am to get good seats of course. we got the front row with no heads blocking us! #kiasumodemaxON. on the other hand i was afraid that chlowe would spot us and would run to us and not perform on stage *panics* i then tell my hubby tat wrong move la. u sit so front. later chlowe sure run to us and pattern again.
*silence* the music started and the kids one by one were assisted on stage. u can see the little ones shouting mummy and daddy. anxiously looking for their parents. mummy....daddy... then finally i saw my chlowe up on stage. *yay*. she was scanning through the crowds to look for us then when she spotted us she shouted' hello daddy and mummy' and gracefully dancing at her own tempo. Standing next to her best pal Hazel and shaking herself and hitting the two wooden rods on her hand. *NOW IT MAKES SENSE* all these while she was mimicking this dance. some of the kids had to be assisted off the stage cause once they spotted their parents...
Finally mrs omar, the head of pre-kindy made a short speech to start the concert. and guess wat? my dear daughter hav to interrupt her speech by saying 'daddy, mummy, i wan to sit next to u'. OMG and double OMG. luckily she was okie when my hubby waved to her and showed hand signs to ask her to get back to her line.

my baby is now a little girl who can sing and dance confidently on the stage #proudmommoments. although she doesn't follow the exact instructions from the teachers but tats cause she's only 3.

muahz & hugz
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