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Thursday, June 09, 2016Y
*sungkai at Freshco*

Known as the mega buffet of Brunei, it indeed lived up to its name. Houses all the different restaurants under one roof like all seasons restaurant, auntie Anne's, I love yoo!, sushi Tei, pasta mania. So basically it's an all in one buffet of eat all u can. 
There's two types of lamb which was being served however it's abit too dry and not to my liking. Still prefers lamb Mandhi from tandoor.com. 
Here's the Peking duck station from the all seasons. If you are not asking for quality then this will pass ur taste buds. The skin is too dry. 
Auntie Anne's corner. Too bad they didn't Hav their full range but at least they hav their cinnamon pretzel. 
Dim sums and even more of them. Let it be steam or fry. All from all seasons. 
Normally the noodles only has 2 soup base but this noodle station is from killeny (I'm sure I didn't get the spelling correct but I jus couldn't be bothered to google it). Ranges from Mee siam to curry noddles, Mee rebus and laksa. 
Prawns again. I'm usually a seafood lover but after yesterday's sungkai dinner from Excapade I still can feel the prawns and crab legs swimming in my tummy. 
Tadaa the sushi boat. I'm really not a fan of sushi Tei Brunei as compared to the one from Singapore. I still prefer kaizen sushi. 
Sashimi galore. Burps. Took only 4 pcs of salmon sashimi and okies. Next please. 
It's surprising how the pasta made from pasta mania is actually quite nice. My little girl loves the creamy chicken carbonara and the chef was nice to cook her one with less salt too. 
Seriously? tofu fa in a buffet? I'm definitely not complaining. My favourite. 

Overall rating for food is okie. Not great but if u love varieties then this is good. Value for money? Well if u r a SCB card holder then congratulations cause u get an additional 35% discount off ur bill! But if u r a BIBD card holder you get a 20% discount too. Price is B$29.90 for adults. So you will Hav to do the maths. I will still put this on my sungkai list next year. As for now I'm so stuffed tat i find it hard to even breathe!

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